Developing a specific model

Two options are available to develop a specific model and achieve a unique creation that will make the difference.

Creation of design by our team from the Marketing brief 

Our expertise enables us to well understand your DNA brand, its stakes and to translate your design needs.


SP Thai Box-0268.JPG

Technical adaptation of the creative design of your designer 

Our expertise enables us to create a design according to your specifications and your technical constraints, previously established.


project steps


• Unique design adapted to your needs

• Development adapted from design to content (bottle, carafe..)

choice and mix of materials

• Wide multi-material selection (wood, leather, cardboard, metal)

• Choice of materials, shapes, colors, finishing and how to combine them together



• Multiple branding techniques to enhance your image and your uniqueness


project follow-up

our added-value

Our customer knowledge implies an understanding of your product lines and products, as well as being inspired by your values.

It requires an active listening and to understand your issues and needs. Thanks to this knowledge, our dedicated team of experts provides you with our extensive expertise and advises you with relevance for the success of your project.  


The proximity, a dedicated support and the relationship based on trust established throughout the project are key-success factors of our specific creations.