Discover our Collection with a wide choice of design, colors and carefully selected materials ... From traditional models to creations breaking classic codes in your sector, Our Collection will meet your needs and will be the answer for your challenges 

the aim

Create a specific and exclusive product starting from a box of our collection, sublimate your products, to answer to your challenges of standing out from your competitors and leveraging your brand awareness with Packaging.


avantages_choisir la collec.jpg



• Choice of a model from a wide range: the different universes and shapes can be adapted to the image you want to show

• Design adaptation to content (bottles, carafe, large bottles and multi-bottles ..) 



Choice of materials

• Wide multi-material selection (wood, cardboard, covering, metal)

• Choice of materials, shapes, colors, finishing and how to combine them together


• Multiple branding techniques / markings to value and in line with your brand codes and products.

Our team will guide you when it comes to choose among many models and through all stages of the creation of a model from Our Collection. The 3D view of your product will allow you to figure out your different options.


project follow-up

our added-value

Our customer knowledge implies an understanding of your ranges and products, as well as being inspired by your values.

It requires an active listening and an understanding of your issues and needs. Thanks to this knowledge, our dedicated team of experts provides you with an extensive expertise and advises you with relevance for the success of your project.

The proximity, a dedicated support and a relationship based on trust established throughout the project are key-success factors of our specific creations.