Blending materials is like Art. From ebony to oak, soft leathers, delicate creation papers, neat fabrics, accessories like brass…we select carefully our finest materials. We support your needs with our extensive experience to offer you innovative creations that enable you to stand out with elegance !



The beauty of natural and living material, varying from one tree to another. Essence diversity offers an endless wide range of tones. Logs and other rough woods, cutting and joining enable a unique and luxurious touch to the product and for only top quality timber.


precious wood

Precious wood : ebony and mahogany that we finely work on to pay a tribute to the beauty of what Nature can offer, in its imperfect perfection.
Fine woods with which the meticulous work of veneering sublimates this noble material.


or being unconventionnal

Bright and colorful woods, decorative composite woods surfaces and other treatments bring a trendy and unconventional vision to this traditional material.




A natural material, which bears signs of ageing ...Cut and split leather. A selection that we do with the utmost care. Precious leathers to sublimate the boxes during the lining process


textile and papers

Mats, shiny, soft touch, grained ... paper and textile collections variety offers an infinite range of colors and textures for lining and embroidering. The techniques of printing and decoration bring a unique touch to these materials. 




the right of metal

Used for hardware and decoration, metals such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium or zamac bring rigor and modernity to pro. Different treatments like brushing, polishing or metal deposit process enable a lot of various results : gold mat, copper or patinated metal.



decoration and ornaments

Design and decoration set up sublimate and embody your brand values and your products with finesse and delicacy.



transparency of acryclic

Translucent or colored, acrylic is added to other materials or is self-sufficient to do packaging and displays. Cut, to be processed, assembly and outline its transformation.