Our know-how is inherited from traditional and historic craftsmanship. Human touch is an essential part of the quality and the perfect execution of our products. Training and knowledge transmission to our employees is one of the keys of our organization. 


the art of LINING

Coming from leather goods, lining is the process where shapes (wood, cardboard, plastic) are covered in multiple materials. Preparation, cutting, stitching are all steps during lining process and enable to sublimate the finely selected materials.


THE ART OF woodworking

Cutting, assembling, sanding soft or nervous woods, are essential skills of our cabinetmakers. These technical skills are made with care and delicacy to constantly adapt to the living and variable nature of the wood. 


Marquetry, a know-how full of history and initiated by Boulle, is the art of combining and assembling veneers to create patterns and decorations: from classical representations to the most modern renderings, it is a strong legacy that we let us continue.



surface treatment

Make it gloss or shine, give texture, bring a grain, create a soft touch... Adapted treatments bring the last result to each material.


decoration & printing

Different printing techniques (screenprinting, four-color printing, hot stamping, digital printing) are rich and varied skills that we adapt to materials and volumes of our products.



Crushing and embossing bring volume and finesse to these decorations and customization.

Engraving brings depth and embossing into the material.




Set up, screwing,  aligning and adjusting all components is the final step that brings together all materials and work carried out before…The product is unveiled and shows its whole perfection in this last and crucial step.