quality control

Quality requirement is a foundation and an ultimate condition for all products we deliver to our customers. Requirement level of our customers products implies the same requirement for packaging and displays that showcase them.


our quality tools

The quality approach is integrated into the product development phases in order to anticipate risks and variations in materials, an implementation process and design requirements.               


Our quality system is based on 4 principles :          

- Control of entry materials with batch traceability 

- Control throughout the process by AQL methods


- First piece control or 100% control at key process steps

- 100% control of products before packaging


Control steps are adapted according to criteria to be checked :          

- Visual and tryptic references bring an objectivity to visual control  

- Means of measurement and their calibration are used for dimensional checks

- Smell, noise and touch criteria are integrated into product control 

Our IT  system developed for our business enable us to provide complete traceability in real time of the produced quantities, batches of materials used and until delivery of batches to our customers.