our environmental and ethical contrainsts are integrated from the beginning when designing the product

We plan :

monitoring sourcing


certified wood and papers

Certified wood traceability depends on what kind of projects we are working on. 

images (1).jpg

use of recycled materials


optimized weight reduced carbon impact

From the design to the end of the project, we are looking for the best solutions when it comes to packaging weight, design, protection and recycled materials use. 



EnVIRONMENTAL constraints integrated in our industrial plant as well

Paying attention to our environmental impact, we ensure to optimize our process to reduce it. Thanks to our new factory, unveiled recently, taking into account environmental constraints and allows us to :  


optimized energetic diagnostic

An optimized management of our industrial garbage

reduced energy consumption

A very low impact on environment for our industrial factory

no risk of water pollution

All of our process are eco-friendly : we never use water in our process, so there is no risk of water pollution


RECYCLing of used industrial garbage


From the design to the last step, we are looking for optimized solutions when it comes to packaging weight, packaging design or optimized protection and recycled materials.